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Find a Little Corner of Europe in Sunnyside New York
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Chef Vanessa

Inspired by my roots and taste

Native from Venezuela, I have enjoyed the privilege of being born and raised in a truly multicultural nation with heavy European and Hispanics mixed influences. I am also extremely fortunate of inheriting the taste for food and flavor for life from strong women figures in my family. My mom and grandma introduced me to a variety of family recipes and secrets that were the beginning of today’s greatest passion of mine; Fine Cuisine and the wonderful art of cooking.

Before confronting the need of migrating from my motherland to an unknown destination, I had planned to become a chef and work within this field, and after being accepted at the Center of Gastronomy Institute and Capacitation for High Culinary Education in Caracas, Venezuela, my destiny was sealed. Through this process, I rediscover my passion for good food and the skilled art of fine cuisine. Now, with cooking style techniques and a little touch of my family most traditional dishes, I became a Sous Chef at 360°, one of the trendiest restaurants in Caracas, Venezuela.

Later, after traveling through different cities of the Old European Continent, a taste for traditional cuisine, rooted in my family influences grew after realizing my true dream; opening my own place, a Bistro Restaurant to share my taste for fine food at the most amazing city in this entire globe; New York City.

Firefly Petite Café Bistro is the product of a short but exciting roller coaster of my life as a chef, and I can’t be more grateful for having the opportunity of contributing with my art to this beautiful city that has allowed me to facilitate the best eating experience I can provide. I want to invite you to my place or to order online, and I truly hope you may come back for more.

Co-Founder of Firefly Petite Cafe Bistro

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Firefly Petite Cafe Bistro

European Traditional Style Cuisine

With profound European Cuisine Influences, Firefly Petite Café Bistro provides an ample menu with options for every taste and appetite. Our establishment takes pride in offering the most exquisite line of salads, soups, entrees, sandwiches, and drinks for the enjoyment of our visitors and online customers. Our menu offers complex, yet easy to the palate dishes that will keep our clients excited and coming back for more.

European Influences.
My inspiration is grounded in how I experienced the world, comparing every flavor I encounter with those from my origins, mixing and fusing my past and present through my senses, perceiving every smell and taste to give rise to something new, something I create without breaking with traditions.
Our most important requirement.
Fresh earthy flavors with virgin qualities, our petite bistro is all about offering the best eating experience a restaurant can offer. We assure you that we are mindful of what is important for our customers and we act according to those principals; quality and freshness overall.
The Special Touch
Mom, Grandma and our Passion for Cooking
With my mind dwelling and longing about a far place that I can’t return, attached to sweet memories of unforgettable moments of family reunions and celebrations. Those special moments that my mom used to prepared only on special occasions. This is the touch, the special touch.